April 16, 2024
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What does it mean to see a purple eye while meditating?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have done meditation for the first time in my life following your basic YouTube video on aligning the energetic centers and I felt the 6th chakra and I saw a purple light. 

Is that normal? 

I had no previous knowledge of meditation. 

After coming back from meditation I have felt a “calling”, a continuous pulsation of the 6th chakra throughout the day. 

Also, besides my 5th chakra, all the others were open. 

At first, it scared me and I took a break from meditating. 

I felt as if I needed time to get used to what I just discovered, but out of all my chakras, the 6th one felt as if it was calling me. 

It was pulsating and even in the subway I would close my eyes and see a purple light, an “Egyptian eye” projecting in front of me. 

I am comfortable now, ready to take a new adventure, and for some reason, I am absolutely aware it was real. 

I had no knowledge about, nor had I a belief in these things. 

I was just working on loving unconditionally. 

Please advise.”


Your experience is certainly within the normal range of possibilities for meditation, but try not to give too much importance to the colors or images that come up during your meditation practice. 

What matters are the transformations and openings that occur in your heart and your spiritual understanding after meditation. 

Every time we meditate there is a deepening and expansion of consciousness and that is what furthers our spiritual awakening. 

Most people do not experience the kind of dramatic visual images or sensations that you reported, but their meditation will be just as effective and profound. 

Whatever images or sensations are happening in our minds and bodies are not the real story of our spiritual awakening. 

The only important experience is the self recognizing itself on its own terms, independent of any feelings, thoughts, or sensations we might have on the surface level of life. 

So if during meditation you see purple light in the shape of an eye, don’t give it any special attention.

Even though you know it is real, treat it like any other thought in meditation and simply take it as a signal to return your attention to your practice. 



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