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Emotions are natural, but problems arise when they are in control. This happens in extreme cases when someone has significant issues over anger, fear, or depression. But in everyday life emotion...

September 26, 2022
SF Gate

Every era has its explainers of human existence. Since these explainers tend to fight against their opponents, the truth wanders off from the fray. Is there a way around this pendulum swing from...

September 19, 2022
SF Gate

Do you believe that human beings are good? This isn’t a hard question on the personal level. You and I are more than likely to say that we are good people. It’s the rest of humanity we are uncer...

September 12, 2022
SF Gate
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Thoughts to nourish your body and soul. “Beyond logic is poetry; beyond poetry is music; beyond music is the dance; beyond the dance just love.”
August 18, 2022
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