April 26, 2024
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Does our Ego protect us from the cruelty of the world?.


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“I have a question for you concerning my ego. 

I feel like my ego is here to protect me. 

Anytime something goes wrong in my life or someone does something to hurt me my ego will surface. 

My ego will justify the poor behavior of others, or tell me I’m too smart and that’s why people are intimidated by me, or my ego will make me aware that I am right and that there is no superior answer. 

Is this wrong? 

Why can’t my ego exist with my true self? 

I hate to give up my ego because I feel I won’t have protection from the cruelty of the world.”


The ego doesn’t try to protect the real you, it tries to protect itself. 

Your essential self is infinite and invincible. 

It doesn’t need protecting or defending. 

Your ego self feels inherently weak and unsafe. 

In fact, the ego really isn’t anything at all. 

The separate self is nothing more than the activity of defending, resisting, and seeking. 

As long as you feel the need to protect yourself from the world, you are the separate ego self. 

That’s why the ego as your center of selfhood cannot co-exist with the true self. 

When you are simply your knowing presence of awareness, you are your true self and do not need to be protective or protected.



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