July 28, 2022
Ask Deepak

Modern and Ancient Medicine.


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Dear Deepak, As a current medical student, I find myself curious about both modern western medical advances, as well as ancient and alternative health practices. I see value in many perspectives, and I wish to share the benefits of both science-based and spirit-based healing with the world. I admire your ability to speak your truth, even when it is outside of the scope of traditional medicine. Can you offer any insight on how to publicly mesh the worlds of science and spirit, while remaining respected in both communities of healing?


I believe the common ground for both the modern and the ancient healing systems is in terms of the practicalities of finding the most effective, safest, and cost effective way to cure illness and alleviate suffering. All approaches to healing, whether they are old or new, or some combination, should be evaluated in practical terms, not based on when or where those practices started.



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