May 1, 2024
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How do we fulfill our life purpose?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“I know that God always wants what is in our best interest, and yet, is it a lack of faith that does not allow me to realize that what has been a lifetime dream may not be his plan for my future? 

I had to live and experience for a short time the dream and it was exactly all I wanted. 

I felt very happy and it all felt right. 

How do I help myself? 

Prayer and meditation, but I have to learn to accept his will even if it’s not what I have dreamed and worked for all my life.

There are things we may not want to happen and have to learn to accept but how do I do that and not feel unhappy once I get another negative response? 

I already had a short experience of the goal and I allowed myself to dream big and it feels so right. 

My goal and dream have been getting a job and living in the country where the only extended family I have resides. 

Also practicing my profession in better conditions than the present ones I work in. 

I am a physician from a stable country but my dream has always been the same and was detoured when I decided to be my older parents’ caregiver. 

Help me please.”


The dreams we have for a better life generally come from our separate, ego self, not our unlimited, true self. 

That means our desires are shaped by our small personality that sees our life in terms of an ideal picture. 

From the perspective of the higher self, or what you might be calling “what God wants,” our life unfolds naturally without effort or expectation. 

We fulfill our life purpose through Being, not doing or achieving.  

It’s normal to have desires and wishes, of course, but when there is a mismatch between what you desire and what your inner life is supporting at this time, then the way to remain content and at peace is to realize that your true self or God is leading you to the life experience that is in accord with our deepest spiritual needs at this time, and that is always better than overriding that and following your ego’s needs.



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