May 20, 2024
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How can we stop our mind from wandering?.


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“I know each person is different but I started the 21-day meditation experience and my mind wanders throughout the meditation. 

I try to bring myself back to the mantra but it wanders again. 

I tried visualizing the ocean and the waves crashing against the beach but wasn’t successful in keeping my mind from wandering. 

What can I do to experience the ‘no thought state’?”


When you sit down to meditate, don’t have expectations to experience the “no thought state.” 

That expectation is just a concept and actual self-awareness is not a thought or concept. 

In fact, it technically isn’t an experience either. 

Pure awareness is the background on which all thoughts, feelings, and experiences happen. 

It is the space we are in when our mind finishes one thought before it wanders to the next thought. 

That gap between thoughts is your true self. 

That is the state of “no thought” 

Those transitory dips into the gap between thoughts are not like the concept of “no thought” you might be expecting.

It is not flashy, and it doesn’t feel profound. Your true self is completely ordinary, transparent, and still. 

We tend to overlook it because we are looking past it to some idea we have of it in our mind. 

Think of your true self or “no thought state” as a movie or TV screen on which images are seen. 

If you think when you see the screen, there is going to be a particular image on the screen and you keep waiting for it, then you won’t recognize that the screen is there all the time regardless of the passing images. 

Just like your pure awareness is always there regardless of the thoughts, feelings, or expectations you have.



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