April 4, 2024
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How can we know if we’ve really reached forgiveness?.


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“I have always had difficulty understanding and applying forgiveness. 

Knowing that I have this difficulty, I have studied and researched the concept extensively. 

Recently, I have “released” my hot resentment and anger towards numerous people who have hurt me in the past and have started solely focusing on myself and self-improvement. 

I have made impressive strides in this area, but the question I have is, have I “forgiven” them? 

I’m unsure because I certainly don’t feel any kindness, love, or benevolence towards them. 

It’s almost like a cold “cutting-off” “you-don’t-exist-or-matter-to-me-anymore” sort of feeling. 

I’m unsure if I’m going in the right direction with this idea. 

I FEEL better/happier because I’m not spending ALL of my mental energy on hating and cursing them… But have I “forgiven” them?”


It sounds as if your process of forgiveness isn’t complete yet. 

But you have made great strides, so give it a little more time. 

And don’t expect that full forgiveness necessarily means you will feel great love and kindness toward that person. 

That’s great when it occurs, but it’s enough that you have fully let go of your feelings of anger and blame. 

Stopping those toxic emotions is the most important motivation for forgiving. 

When that has healed with forgiveness, you will feel neutral or indifferent when you think about those past events. 

That neutrality may develop into a more generous understanding and kindness, or not. But either way, you are healed.



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