April 30, 2024
Ask Deepak

What does it mean to see a dragon during meditation?.


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“I want to understand more about the spiritual world and the experience I had today. 

I have been watching your videos about meditation and enlightenment for over a year, but today, for the first time, I think I achieved the ‘No thought state’ (Nirmal Stithi). 

While I was meditating, I felt a heavy flow reaching the top of my head. 

It was a bit uncomfortable at first because I experienced pain in many regions of the body, but I continued meditating. 

At some point, an idea came into my mind about letting all the cosmic energy flow through my body, releasing my self-limitations. 

Suddenly, I felt a very intense energy entering the physical body and I began seeing the image of a dragon. 

I was frightened at the beginning but I reassured myself that nothing would hurt me.

I experienced shivers from my head going to my toes. 

The heavy flow continued cleansing my pain regions until I didn’t feel any more pain. 

So I wanted to ask you about the meaning of the image of a dragon. 

I only saw the face of the dragon, its eyes were staring at me fiercely, and the spirit had the colors of green, yellow, and orange (maybe a touch of red). 

This image lasted a second and, after that, it was pitch black again. 

Can you tell me more about this? 

As you may think, I live in the Western culture, and finding a spiritual guide here can be pretty harsh.”


The important and valuable aspect of your experience was the “no thought state” where awareness is left alone knowing itself. 

That is your true self communing with itself. 

The feelings of energy flowing and the visions of a dragon and various colors are all part of the way our minds and bodies accommodate and adjust to that experience of no thought. 

That is how our relative self purifies and tries to integrate that expanded awareness into our lives.  

So those sensory experiences will vary from one person to another. 

Some may have an experience of that no thought state and nothing unusual will be happening in their body or their inner vision.  

But it is still the same basic experience of self-awareness. 



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