May 27, 2024
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Do Buddhists believe in God?.


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“Why don’t Buddhists believe in God? 

Is it that the Buddha never had the experience of knowing God? 

I was praying for God to reveal himself (or herself or????) and a real voice spoke to me (a man’s voice) and said, ‘You have found me but have yet to find yourself’. 

I took that to be an experience of God. 

Now I wonder if it was my own deepest or ultimate self speaking those words and since I took it to be God speaking, I had yet to find myself. 

Can you help me with this Deepak?” 


Buddha certainly had direct experience of the source reality of existence, but he chose to speak of this reality as impersonal emptiness because to be understood he needed to break free of the religious confusion of the time. 

But this core reality of consciousness can be explained either in personal terms or impersonal terms. 

And Tibetan Buddhism does of course incorporate a strongly personal interpretation of the Divine. 

As regards the voice you heard in response to your prayer, I can’t say what that was, but the message may be helpful to you. 

One can have a personal experience of the Divine, and yet if you experience that reality as something separate and fundamentally different from your own essential nature, then you haven’t fully experienced God. 

When you know your true self completely, then your experience of God will be more complete and fulfilling because the experience will be on the basis of universal existence.



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