June 14, 2024
Ask Deepak

Where should we start with our spiritual journey?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“In the past year, I have dealt with depression, which I’m aware is not uncommon. 

However, I find myself stuck in my own mind with my thoughts constantly. 

Oftentimes I find myself wondering if others are struggling as much as I do with my own thoughts every day. 

I have so many questions about life. 

Which is why I am turning over a new leaf and pursuing my physical and mental health as well as adventuring my own spirituality. 

I’m curious what I can do to improve this lifestyle and control my wandering thoughts and become a whole person. 

Becoming one with my body and mind.”


I love your phrase “adventuring my own spirituality.” 

An effective tool on your adventure to improve your lifestyle and become a whole person is meditation. 

It will show you that you don’t need to control or battle your wandering thoughts. 

They are part of the natural ebb and flow of your conscious mind’s transformation. 

Meditation loosens the habits and conditioning of the mind that makes you feel stuck and at the mercy of your thoughts. 

In time you will feel that integration of mind, body and spirit that you seek.



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