October 20, 2021
Ask Deepak

Defining a New Role with Mother.


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Deepak, I lost my father at the age of 18 just before starting my college studies. My mom and I remained quite shocked and in a way as two lost women who were clinging together. I feel that for several years I took over some part of my father’s role giving my mom the hope and steadiness she needed. But now I have difficulties getting back to a normal state of life where I go my way and she pursues her own life without looking at me like her “partner-in-crime”. Can you suggest how to navigate the relationship into new ways without cutting all ties?


There is certainly no need to cut any ties with your mother. I assume from your letter that your mother has not looked to anyone but you as a source of strength and direction. It’s time for you and your mother to move forward with your own life directions. You are ready to do that, but your mother, you believe, is not ready. Perhaps one way to help her rediscover her own life purpose is to engage her in the ideas, passions, activities that still hold value to her. Maybe it’s teaching, dancing, writing, gardening, cooking, or community volunteering. As she connects with those talents and the joy that comes with them, she will feel that fire of life rekindled in her heart. As that grows stronger, her life will start to move forward on its own and she won’t need to lean on you so heavily.



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