June 7, 2023
Ask Deepak

Consciousness and Existence.


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Dear Deepak, Since everything came from Nothing, how can that “Absolute State” be Nothing and Awareness at the same time? What is the difference between Awareness and Nothingness? What is the difference between Awareness and Consciousness? What is difference between Empty space and Nothingness? Are they the same? If there is a single unbroken eternal Truth which has always existed and which is Unknowable, then how can we say it exists? I seek the Truth, Deepak, please provide guidance.


Awareness and consciousness are synonyms. Pure Consciousness or pure existence is a field of pure potentiality, creativity, and energy. It is not empty, in fact it is full of everything in its uncreated, unmanifest form. It is nothing only in the respect that it is unmanifest, it has “no things” in it. In the same way, our silent awareness has nothing in it, yet it can think of and express any new thought or idea.

In regards to your question about how truth can exist, I think you may be getting caught up on the physical interpretation of the word “existence.” To say eternal Truth exists is merely to say that Truth is. It’s not to suggest that it occupies space and time like a coffee cup.



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