April 8, 2024
Ask Deepak

What is Buddha’s Enlightenment and How Can We Attain it?.


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“What does it mean when we say that the Buddha attained enlightenment? 

What is this state and how can we know that we have reached this state?”


Although the Buddha is revered as the Enlightened One, I think it’s fair to say that there is no consensus, inside or outside Buddhism, about what enlightenment is. 

There are too many interpretations, philosophies, fractures, and beliefs to contend with.

But if enlightenment is a higher state of consciousness, it would only be natural that people who aren’t in it would disagree and fall into confusion. 

Therefore, the only way to truly understand enlightenment is to reach it yourself, which requires a personal spiritual journey. 

At the point of attaining a higher state of consciousness, you would certainly be aware of it, even though your experience wouldn’t necessarily be the same as the Buddha’s. 

Despite the traditional maps that countless seekers have followed over the centuries, the experience of enlightenment will be unique and individual. 

By analogy, becoming a mother is an experience many women share and yet feels individual for each woman who has a baby.



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