April 29, 2019
Daily Breath

Week 2 – The Soul & The Self.

Week 2 – The Soul & The Self


This week we explore the seven questions that form your soul profile. To reach our full potential, understanding your essence, your soul, and your true self is critical. In episode 1, we walk through the seven essential questions. In Episode 2, I share with you my own answers to those questions. Episode 3 we explore the meaning and importance of knowing the true self. Episode 4 we understand the essential tenets for outer peace, which is necessary for inner peace. And we end with our meditation, “I AM: Essence.”

Episode 1 – Essence: Your Soul Profile



Episode 2 – Essence: My Soul Profile 



Episode 3 – Essence: The True Self 


Episode 4 – Essence: Holistic Peace 

Episode 5 – I AM: Essence 

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