April 26, 2019
Daily Breath

Week 1 – Gratitude & Happiness.

Week 1 – Gratitude & Happiness


This week, please join me as we explore the many sides of gratitude and happiness. Episode 1 explores the power of gratitude. Episode 2 explores our natural state of happiness. Episode 3 explores a “happiness formula.” Episode 4 explores how humans have complex emotions, not just happiness. And we end with our Meditation, I AM: Being.    

Episode 1 – Being: Grateful  
Gratitude is powerful. And it is a skill we can learn and practice.



Episode 2 – Being: Natural
Our nartural state is happniess. So let’s return to our natural state.



Episode 3 – Being: Happy 
Some people think they can calculate and measure happiness. This is the formula…



Episode 4 – Being: Less Happy
Humans are complex creatures, and we experience many more emotions than happiness and gratitude. So how should we handle those?



Episode 5 – I AM: Being 
Let’s take a deep breath. Center our minds. Recharge our energy. And end with being grateful.


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