January 18, 2012
Deepak in the News

We are the ones we have been waiting for, says Deepak Chopra.


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BANGALORE: Does God exist? Is there a soul, a spirit? What happens to us after we die? If God exists, does God care about us, because there are trillions of planets and billions of stars. These were some of the questions that were touched upon when new-age guru and acclaimed author Deepak Chopra spoke on 'Science and Spirituality – The Emergence Of a New Future' at Christ University Auditorium on Wednesday. The event was hosted by Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram.

The spiritual teacher said: "We are stardust, luminous beings through which the universe has become aware of itself." He elaborated: "Your physical body is made out of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, which is 97.7% of your physical body. The rest is calcium, phosphorous and a few other trace elements. So when you look at the composition of your physical body, this was all fashioned and manufactured in the crucible of stars, nebulas and supernovas billions of years ago. The hydrogen in your body goes back to almost the Big Bang – 400,000 years after the moment of creation. Everything in your body is from the stars. So literally, you are the dust of stars."

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  1. heartphone

    Walking my twelve candle heart labyrinth, envisioning the autonomous nerve system as a branch of the mandelbrot set, vizualizing the vagus nerve (also called the wanderer) as the intermediate between both sides of the brain and the heart as an endless holistic field of health..........

  2. heartphone

    "That is infinite... This is infinite... The Infinite proceeds from Infinite... Then taking the Infinitude of the Infinite... It remains as the Infinite alone" ----------Peace chant from Upanishad

  3. heartphone

    http://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/7863 Our cells are like the mandelbrot set, discovered in the eighties, infinite in their expansion and self-healing caspacity. Infinite in their contraction as a black hole........

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