September 16, 2012
Deepak in the News

The Tumultuous Events In The Middle East.


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Deepak Chopra talks to Ahmed Shihab-Eldin about politics, the tumultuous events in the Middle East, and his latest book, "Spiritual Solutions". 

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  1. sun

    Deepak and friends We need to proactively co create a website for conversing across borders so the Mideast has a way to safely dialog with us. the ONE SINGLE word that Krishnamurti used more than anyone adn he got it from David Bohm was `DIALOG`

  2. Lisa

    We can only move forward if we stop long enough to reflect first. If we are moving with a large group, as in a swarm of bees, we might not be doing the right thing for ourselves. The Middle East being a hot spot on the earth for soul unrest, has a way of catching people up in that energy, and if the people are in following mode, not thinking inwardly, they will follow the energy of unrest of the mass. It has happened since the beginning of time, and will continue until every person has evolved enough to stop and reflect. One of your guests asked the question, how do we get over that hump? and the answer is wait for evolution. We have to pay attention to our own soul and evolve ourselves, waiting for the rest of the world. You can not force another soul to evolve, we can help by making tools available, as mentioned, classes for children, but it is all we can do. Giving peace a chance and living in the present, living by example, electing leaders who think differently, letting go of the need to control, so many things. Probably the biggest thing that will make a difference is positive energy through meditation, through prayer, and faith and education. Be the difference you want to see in the world is RIGHT ON.

  3. Doug Linze

    Great interview and discussion Deepak; I think most of us feel the same as the panel. You are a true leader of love into the light. Thanks... Cosmic Consciousness is everywhere.

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