September 1, 2013
Deepak in the News

Seduction of Spirit – November 3 – 9 in Carlsbad, CA.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

The Chopra Center invites to our Seduction of Spirit: Music and Meditation retreat in Carlsbad, California, this November. This week-long event is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the gifts of meditation, yoga, and other practices for higher awareness.


You will learn Primordial Sound Meditation, and each day I will guide you in a unique sutra meditation practice that is only taught at this retreat. You’ll also explore the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, enjoy delicious Ayurvedic meals, and enjoy the community and companionship of like-minded people. At this November’s retreat, the special theme is “music and meditation,” and there will be daily live performances by some of the world’s most inspiring and talented musicians and singers, including Rickie Byars Beckwith and members of the Agape International Choir, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Steve Gold, and many others.




You can learn more and register here:

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  1. Amy

    We need this in Italy!

  2. Marci Nelson Mollicone

    Deb, who the heck is Deepak Chopra? And why are you promoting him?

  3. Beatrice B Miller

    be careful

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