September 25, 2013
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Scientific Breakthrough on Endorphins Leads to Remarkable Relief of Emotional and Physical Distress.


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A team led by Dr. Stanley M. Crain, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Dr. Steven Crain, neuropsychotherapist, has discovered that a specific biochemical imbalance in the endorphin system, the stress center of the brain and gut, may underlie the emotional and physical distress experienced by millions of sufferers of a wide variety of clinical conditions.

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This Endorphinergic Distress Syndrome (EDS) may be responsible, in part, for chronic anxiety, anger, depression, cravings, and pain hypersensitivity.

Insight into the existence of EDS emerged from the convergence of Dr. Stanley Crain’s nerve tissue culture studies, in which he uncovered the bimodal nature of endorphin receptors, and Dr. Steven Crain’s clinical observations of a central distress syndrome underlying many psychiatric, neurologic, and neurodevelopmental disorders. This “lab to clinic” translation may provide an entirely new approach to the treatment of clinical distress conditions, which have been highly resistant to current methods.

According to an article published this week in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) entitled “Emotional and Physical Distress Relief Using a Novel Endorphinergic Formulation” (Article), a scientific formulation of health-promoting plant extracts and amino acids has been developed for EDS. By combining specific agents that enhance endorphin release with agents that switch endorphin receptors from an excitatory (distress/pain) to an inhibitory (calm/comfort) mode, this formulation reduced clinical distress symptoms of EDS in most participants.

Based on three decades of published preclinical research** at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, a series of recent clinical studies has demonstrated the remarkable efficacy and safety of this endorphinergic formulation to reduce chronic emotional and physical distress. In the first clinical study, 60 healthy volunteers were presented with a stressful pain induction task in which they were asked to submerge their hand in ice-cold water. Unexpectedly, this formulation not only increased pain tolerance, but it also dramatically reduced physical and emotional distress.

Following this discovery, a series of 203 clinical case studies were conducted over a 26-month period with participants who suffered from a wide variety of emotional and physical distress conditions. The clinical benefits from this endorphinergic formulation were remarkable, including reduced anxiety, anger, depressed mood, pain hypersensitivity and cravings. Most participants reported greater calm, comfort, well-being, and pleasure as well as increased mental clarity, energy, productivity, healthier lifestyle choices, and an adaptive response to life’s stresses.

According to Dr. Stanley Crain, “These findings provide support for the existence of Endorphinergic Distress Syndrome, or EDS, a neurophysiologic dysfunction in the endorphin system, that may be responsible, in part, for a wide variety of clinical distress conditions.” Dr. Steven Crain elaborated, “We are excited to be developing the first therapeutics that target EDS, which have a remarkable ability to relieve emotional and physical distress. Finally, stress does not have to produce distress!”

Impressed by these scientific discoveries, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi joined the team two years ago to develop Endorphinate®, a nutraceutical supplement for EDS, produced and distributed worldwide by Pondera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ( Dr. Chopra, author of over 70 books, is widely recognized as a global authority on mind/body balance, and Dr. Tanzi is Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. According to Dr. Chopra, “I have been taking Endorphinate® every day for over a year and have been experiencing it’s beneficial effects. It has become the number one dietary supplement used by our clients/patients at the Chopra Center. I unhesitatingly endorse and support the use of Endorphinate® to help increase resistance to stress, anxiety, trauma, cravings and fatigue. “



Deepak Chopra on stress and on the benefits of Endorphinate


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*Steven Crain, Matthew A. Crain, and Stanley M. Crain, “Emotional and Physical Distress Relief Using a Novel Endorphinergic Formulation,” Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, Vol. 3, Issue 6, 2013, pp. 441-453. (Article)

**Steven Crain and Stanley M. Crain, “Endorphinergic Attenuation of Distress by Concomitantly Enhancing Endogenous Opioid Release and Switching Opioid Receptor Signaling from an Excessively Excitatory to a Normal Inhibitory Mode,” Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, Vol. 3, Issue 7, 2013, in press.

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  1. Masad Nasution

    great pic...

  2. Dr. Fetic

    “Together we can help create a peaceful, just, sustainable and healthy world.” Deepak Chopra I` m wondering about this product. As doctor the first thing that comes to my mind - What about the natural brain receptors? What about negative feedback? What about long term use side effects? As holistic doctor - Do you give any advice in written form how your clients can naturally activate the endorphines with sport/dance/hobby/creating something that makes you feel fulfilled and do you encourage them to do that?

  3. heartphone

    Suppose if this really is such a good `medicine` that it should be available for every one and not just for the rich. Pardon me but it is ridiculous to ask such a high price for endorphins which are naturally evoked in your body by the human body itself. Problem is we are not used to hard labour anymore. So the rich who can afford it are now able to buy something without effort and the ones who cannot afford it can do only one thing: running or mountain climbing, which can give you a boost of endorphins, or any other hard labour, like delivering a baby.............. This product is just as much not natural as all the pills you receive through regular medicine. So all in all, part of the commercial society we live in...........

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