November 21, 2011
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Save the Delaware River.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily. founder Mark Ruffalo joins Deepak Chopra BlogTalk radio.  Deepak and Mark  discuss the importance of water to everyday life.

In our lifetime, our limited supply of drinking water needs protection from the devastation caused by the production of dirty fossil fuels. An aggressive clean energy policy is the essential solution for ensuring every American generation has access to clean and safe water.

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  1. Mark

    There is much to be concerned about over the process known as hydraulic fracturing. It is a very nasty operation. There are several hazards associated with the process that get overlooked. For one there is little chance that chemically laden water removed from the ground will be contained properly. Also it is argued by drilling companies that `fracturing` is safe. That refers to the actual drilling itself, which has its own hazards associated with it. The "process" of fracturing entails a whole slew of infrastructure problems that even if done a safely as possible, will cause great harm to the enviroment. Another thing about the actual drilling which they presume to be safe, is that that refers ot one well. In fact they plan to drill parallel wells to saturate an area for natural gas recovery. This leads to huge areas of fractured shale which has been shown to cause the leaking of chemicals into ground water. The high pressure used in the process of injection can cause the hazardous chimicals to seep upward and find their way through old abandoned gas wells and fractured rock to eventualy end up in drinking water. If there is the potential for a drilling company to damage our drinking water or other resources, you can bet they will. It will be just like the strip-mining industry. First they will kill you, then they will pay a fine. Please go to the site and help to push that nightmare away.

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