April 20, 2012
Deepak in the News

Oprah`s Lifeclass Toronto: Pure Pandemonium.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Written by Renee Gold for the Huffington Post


It was early in March when Oprah's Lifeclass Tour went on sale. Not having the OWN channel, I hadn't watched her Lifeclass series, but had heard phenomenal testimonials via Facebook and Twitter. So when news spread about her coming to Toronto, I didn't hesitate. I bought my executive ticket in nanoseconds, affording me the second best seating level at the Toronto Convention Centre. With Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins and Bishop T.D. Jakes also on the tour, the only people missing from this iconic panel I surmised, were John Lennon and Gandhi.

I waited with bated breath for the date to arrive. I was certain that this was going to be a life-altering experience — at the very least, bucket list territory.


Le Line, She is Long


It's April 16. My ticket says the show starts at 4 p.m., so I arrive by 3:15 p.m. and get dropped off two blocks away from the convention centre due to bumper-to-bumper Oprah pandemonium. I walk within optical distance from the centre and my mind is blown to smithereens. I was sure there would be a steady but short line trickling in, but this was a line down from the entrance, around the corner, down eight blocks, turn the corner, up a hill, walk eight more blocks; it was seemingly never ending. Being a somewhat of a Good Samaritan, I walk intently towards the back of the line, but ended up sneaking in half way, not wanting to go to the tail end, which, let's face it, was clearly located in another province. Yes, Oprah, I butted in line, and received stink eye from several of your minions, but it had to be done


Deepak Chopra


I get to my seat which is 28 rows back and sit down just as Deepak Chopra takes the stage. I can see him from afar, but opt to watch the Orwellian jumbo screens like the 8,000-plus people who are seated behind me. Despite the room thrumming with unsettledness, I take my pen and pad out and start taking notes while alternatively shushing adults into quiet submission — my worst pet peeve being the sound of "whispering." Deepak speaks in his soothing, dulcet tone about "cosmic identity" and "awareness." After a while, words like "infinite," "cells," "cosmic," and "loving compassion" all seem to blend together into a sweet broth, as I find myself falling into a hypnotic state from his lullaby-like speech, thinking about how much he reminds me of my therapist.



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