April 12, 2012
Deepak in the News

Mind & Body Adventure Show with Deepak Chopra.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra (Founder of Intent.com) and a team of world-renowned experts, guide participants through a once in a lifetime wellness adventure.


CURRENTLY CASTING One Man and One Woman ages 21-40 years old for a new web series following three people willing to explore their mind, body and spirit.


Each participant will take part in an adventure designed by cutting edge experts in the fields of meditation, nutrition, fitness and healing. Activities will include guided meditation with Deepak Chopra and exercise techniques and nutrition tips by top experts in the field. Participants must live in Los Angeles and be available for multiple days in May. Participants will be compensated for their time and walk away with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The show will premiere on The Chopra Well, a new premium YouTube Original Programming Channel, launching July 2012.


E-mail a picture(s) of yourself and brief answers to the questions below to:

intent@thechoprawell.com. Interviewing now!


Where are you from?


What are your aspirations (professionally and personally)? Don’t think too hard on this one! First things that come to mind…


What do you think you can gain from this experience? If there is one thing you are missing in your life, what is it? Please briefly explain.


What do you do for work (if you are not currently working, what have you done for work)?


What do you do for fun? Hobbies?


Have you participated in any health and wellness activities like yoga or meditation? Please describe. (If the answer is no, you are still completely eligible! just curious…)

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  1. Jovida ADiaz

    I would like to be considered and participate; I would like to delve into my mind body and soul or should I say the God head or 3 brains. I am recently divorce the mother of 1 son, and I considered myself pretty darn religious, Catholic but I embrace all cultures and belief systems because I understand the ultimate source of inspiration and guidance is the same presence that drives and inspires all of us. I was born in Mexico in a small village and came here to the US at the age of seven. My aspirations is to work independently but as little deviations as possible, my friends say I have a sort of Midas Touch but that does not seem to work me. It`s a sort of dumping system that if I would be a priest I think I too would be in my meditative state. I do work, and my job is very mind absorbing but I transform it into a personal revelation of the circumstances that people find themselves in and it becomes a lesson. I am a Notary Public in California and I work with Mortgage Assignments, foreclosure notices. I write for personal entertainment, I write because sometimes I am a word tea kettle that for some reason bust the gasket when I build myself with observing external hardships. if I see difficult moments that people are going thru I am ignited by what i see and begin making connections with nature and the universe in my writings, and yes I do ask for these strangers, but I fail because a long the way I am humbled and do not ask anything for myself on for the continued understanding of getting up in the morning unaltered so I can go about my day. 0. My life is ordinary, I have read a bit much on new age, religions and the saints. My aspirations at this point in my life is just to further understand or maybe there is suppose to be that mystery to certain elements of God that should be patiently left alone and allow for them to slowly reveal themselves. My belief is that on a cultural level we don`t have previous life karma as Catholics, we get baptised for our original sins but we are accountable for the wrongs that we do in this life. Wether we see it or not, it is the same process of venting that we unknowingly passed all of our problems unto others or our experiences because we yet to know how to balance or forgive ourselves and we burden our karmic present unto those that are there for us. Their reality may become ours if we hear their problems over and over again, there are people that attach to your being and I don`t know but sometimes if you believe in premonitions and revelations, I see quite a few of those but just diffuse them, and if it get`s too overwhelming I retreat and meditate. What I wish to gain is to balance all three parts of me, mind, heart and spirit, my heart becomes attached and erratic and does not know how to move on at times. My brain reveals reality but them my heart reaches my spirit and all the logic expressed by my mind are overpowered by being and caring and loving. If I am not selected a response would be nice~ Thank you, Jovida

  2. Dawny

    Guess Im too old at 41 LOL.....

  3. KJOY

    Hi, I am also over the age limit, 41, but would be most interested in participating, please let us know if you open it up to us "old folk"!

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