September 14, 2012
Deepak in the News

Interview with Deepak Chopra on Consciousness, God, & the Nature of Belief.


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Written by Chelsea Roff for

Chelsea Roff: Your book is titled, God: A Story of Revelation. How do you personally define God?

Deepak Chopra: God is the infinite potential that becomes the universe and the awareness of the universe in conscious beings. God is the ground of existence that differentiates space time matter and information. God is the creativity inherent in the cosmos. God is the evolution of platonic truth such as beauty, goodness, love, compassion, harmony, joy, and equanimity. God is our highest instinct to understand ourselves.

Having said all of this, all definitions of God are inadequate. To define God is to limit God.

CR: When you say the creativity inherent in the cosmos, it sounds like you’re suggesting that the cosmos is a conscious entity. Do you think we live in a conscious universe?

DC: Yes, I believe that the universe is conscious like any other living organism as a body mind and soul. The body as it appears to us through our five senses (it may appear differently to other species with other nervous systems) the mind of the universe is its energy and information fields and the soul of the universe is the infinite void from which it emerges. The void is not just an emptiness but the womb of all creation and contains the building blocks of both mind and matter as potential .

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  1. Mollymoo

    Mr. Chopra, I can`t understand why religious people can believe wholeheartedly in an angry cynical god and completely dismiss a more rational scientific explanation of the universe..... I have read a couple of your books and read this interview , I have begun a journey down a buddhist path while I keep an ear open to atheists and Muslims and at times even Christians although I feel they have strayed from the real message Jesus was trying to express.... But I am starting to beleive that the archaic ideals that have ruled this planet thus far are no different than the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome I would like to understand more clearly your ideals and I have a question for you......on the subject of consciousness ......once your body mind expires what are we exactly??? Energy??? Do we have any consciousness of the life we just lived??? And do we have any real consciousness once the mind is gone???? Is the human body the only vessel thus far that contains an actual awareness?? I have a little therory that it`s a constant recycling .....working exactly like the circle of life but on a grander if memories are gone with the mind do they live on at all in the collective consciousness giving people the feelings of deja vu and so one.......I apologize for the lengthy comment but I`m just trying to understand as much as I`m capable of...

  2. Deewhy

    William: try reading the Bhagavad Gita if you want more "pseudo-spiritual nonsense". Are you an Atheist or a Evangelical Xtian? Another good read is Capra`s "The Tao of Physics". Chopra`s not some fraud like your average Christian, All religions contain the same message: Have faith in God`s grace.

  3. YourSoul

    The Void is nothingness with possibilities, that`s all, simple play of life... We are able to turn this into diffculty but are as well able to turn it into effortless easyness. But difficulties are much more interesting as long as they happen to someone else, so we can compare our own happiness towards the difficulties of others. Pure happiness does not sell, unhappiness still does....

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