July 20, 2012
Deepak in the News

Discussing Health and Heart with Deepak Chopra.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Published by The Times of India

A healthy diet is related to eating food that tastes good! Dr Deepak Chopra explains how Ayurveda has detailed this very concept years ago…

Wouldn't you want to know the secret to perfect health? One that encompasses both your mind and body and makes your heart sing with joy? Here's the most exciting part of the secret, you just have to choose it and you can be as healthy as you want to be. "To change the printout of your body you have to rewrite the software of the mind," explains "the poet-prophet of alternative medicine" ( Time Magazine) Dr Deepak Chopra, author of many bestselling books.


Last month, I met this exuberant and inspirational prophet of well being in his New York home base and presented my vegetarian guide to Paris A Vegetarian in Paris (A Times of India publication). I was bowled over by the way he keeps up with the times. He has set up a pioneering YouTube channel, and along with his family is hosting a google hangout for well being and meditation and also a social network of enlightenment.


I first met this guru of mind-body medicine more than fifteen years ago in Los Angeles and interviewed him for my TV show. He is sharp-witted yet compassionate and over the years, each meeting has has been a charming and delightful learning.


Three years ago, I met him again in his California 'Chopra Center for Well Being', where he continues to transform our understanding of the meaning of health "a lively balance of body, mind and spirit".


The seduction began when I drove into California's sprawling and picturesque La Costa spa, where The Chopra Center is headquartered. Four hundred acres of lush, sun-dappled, palm-tree-lined beauty where I attended talks in plush airconditioned auditoriums, take part in meditation sessions and enjoy some superbly delicious vegetarian food.


He de-mystifys the ancient healing arts through interactive workshops helps us explore the connection between our environment, physiology, and emotions. Discover the keys to a balanced diet and stress management and understand the wisdom of natural herbs.


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