August 4, 2014
Deepak in the News

Deepak Chopra`s Health Routine.


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He’s the world’s foremost purveyor of spiritual wisdom. But Deepak Chopra doesn’t just flex the muscle between his ears.

In fact, the 66-year-old thought-leader exercises as regularly as he meditates: Seven days a week. For starters, Chopra practises yoga daily.

“I also go to the gym every other day,” he explains during a recent phone interview with Keeping Fit, noting he works out for an hour each session.

“I have a trainer, so I do everything from weight training to stretching to cardiovascular exercise.”

The Indian-born physician, who weighs 172 pounds at five-foot-nine, also avoids “taxis, elevators and escalators.”

Physical activity, of course, is just one aspect of Chopra’s holistic approach to health and wellness.

The author of What Are You Hungry For? also preaches — and practises — proper nutrition.

“The best thing for anyone is to totally avoid food that is manufactured, processed, refined and that has chemicals because all these foods — refined, manufactured, processed and chemically interfered with — they interfere with the microbiome, which is the DNA of the healthy bacteria in your gut,” he explains. “Therefore that DNA interacts with the human genome and starts off all kinds of things that lead to many chronic illnesses.”

Chopra recommends opting for many of the nutrient-dense foods that comprise what is commonly referred to these days as the Mediterranean diet. Among those foods, he adds, are fish (a good source of protein), olive oil (a good source of healthy fats) and vegetables (a good source of carbs).

The pioneer of mind-body medicine was in Toronto last month for his signature meditation retreat the Seduction of Spirit.


Find out more about Deepak’s next Seduction of Spirit Retreat in Carlsbad, CA in November 2014.

The retreat, which drew hundreds of yoga and meditation practitioners from around the world, culminated with a global meditation for peace led by Chopra and livestreamed online.

Chopra, who was accompanied by fellow New Age guru Gabrielle Bernstein and American singer India Arie, had aimed to bring together a “critical mass” of about 100,000 meditators to set the shared intention for peace.

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  1. Ala

    Nice inspiration. Simple and natural things help physically and mentally. I like Deepak opinion about it, his interviews and articles are nice. Thank you

  2. Katie Mynette

    I was very interested in reading about Dr. Chopra`s health routine. Does Dr. Chopra think we should never have caffeine? I thank you. KATIE in KENTUCKY.

  3. Lisa LeBlanc


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