May 17, 2012
Deepak in the News

Deepak Chopra on How Technology Will Change the World for the Better (Video).


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Written by Shira Lazar for


When Deepak Chopra talks, you listen. Such was the case on Wednesday when the famed spiritual leader and best-selling author stopped by the What's Trending's stage during the special one-year anniversary show at Internet Week New York.



Sharing his seemingly infinite wisdom, Chopra was the first guest during the special show, and he told me about his involvement in using technology to engage communities.


"I think technology is an extension of the human mind, and right now what you're seeing is the laying down of a global brain. A neural network, that's going to change our identity. We are all going to acquire a global identity through technology."


His existential musings continued after he told me that technology is neither good nor evil, but it does have the abilities to cause great harm. It's all up to us, even adding that the creation of civilizations is possible, he said.


"We can heal the planet," he said. "We can get rid of war. We can create a sustainable civilization. We can create peace, conflict resolution.


In speaking of how humans end up using technology, he said that it all depends on our evolution. Yet he pointed out that in the big scheme of things, it doesn't truly matter what we do, delivering an enlightening and humbling statement: "We are a speck of dust in a huge infinite void somewhere in the junkyard of infinity."


Chopra also spoke about The Chopra Well, a new YouTube channel he's created to help expand people's thoughts about love, success, relationships, health and well-being and higher consciences. He's even gotten his family involved, using a social medium created by his daughter.


Currently working on his 65th book, the latest being Spiritual Solutions, he said it seems that he's compulsive and neurotic about his writing. He writes on his blackberry, sending his prose via email. His work ethic is impressive; he said he rarely watches films or TV, choosing instead to meditate or write or read. When asked if there was a guru whom he admired, he responded with the following:


"Spell the word 'guru,'" he told me. "Slowly."


"G-U-R-U," I replied.


"That's it," he said. "There's no guru out there, it's all within you U."

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  1. Amy Habing

    RE: Technology I think technology is the antithesis of intimacy. It may work now, but it can`t repair displacement. : ) TTFN Amy

  2. JazzSocialMedia

    I believe that the Internet is the material equivalent of the Collective Unconscious--it is the Collective Conscious. A natural extension of ourselves.

  3. Kelly Okuszko

    I loved the video and Deepak`s comment that technology is an extension of the human mind, which can help us create peace and resolve conflict. This is the essence behind the HERO App ( If your child is lost, you can instantly send an alert with your smarphone to everyone on the HERO network within a 6 mile radius. Think of the implications, if everyone around you was helping you search for your missing child in those precious first minutes, with a picture and description at their fingertips. It will harder for child abductors to hide if everyone is watching. This is one example of how technology can bring us together in a time of crisis to STOP child abduction. Together we can make a difference.

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