March 28, 2012
Deepak in the News

Deepak Chopra at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Arizona on April 9th..


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Who knew? The University of Arizona has an internationally renowned Center for Consciousness Studies – and has since 1998.

The UA hosts this international conference every other year in Tucson and co-sponsors it on alternate years at other locations around the world. Last year it was in Sweden. Next year it will be in India. More than 600 are expected to attend.

This year’s conference opens with physician, author and explorer of Eastern spirituality Deepak Chopra and physicist and author Leonard Mlodinow, co-authors of the bestselling War of the World Views: Where Science and Spirituality Agree and Disagree, the debate about whether consciousness exists in the brain or in the world. They’ll be joined by Chapman University physicist Menas Kafatos and well-known skeptic and cognitive scientist Susan Blackmore.

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The conference, held at Loews Ventana Canyon resort, is open to the public. Prices for the week-long conference are $350 for students, $450 for others. This includes an all-day pre-conference forum “Eastern Philosophy and Consciousness” on Monday, April 9. This was organized by the UA Center’s sister Center for Consciousness Studies at Dayalbagh University in Agra, India, co-sponsors and hosts for the 2013 conference. Monday evening Deepak Chopra will host a dinner and workshop “The Neuroscience of Enlightenment,” also open to the public ($50 for dinner, $75 for the workshop).

Make reservations online at or contact Abi Behar-Montefiore at or (520) 621-9317 or (520) 247-5785.  


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