February 20, 2012
Deepak in the News

Deepak Chopra and New Diet Supplements on Dr. Oz Show.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Deepak Chopra explains how meditation is a key to lowering our stress and stimulating our body on the Dr. Oz show. He says the biggest fallacy of meditation is that we are not supposed to have thoughts during meditation. Chopra says if you can brush your teeth then you can meditate every day. He shows us a simple 5 minute meditation anyone can do daily. First, sit down and chant “Chevo Hum” to yourself. Next, think of someone you love for a few moments. Then think about what you want for just a bit. Relax, and open your eyes. Do this 5 minutes a day and you will lower your stress levels and be healthier.

Deepak gives us 4 secrets to fight stress. First, he starts the day with a stress less breakfast. It consists of Flaxseed oil, boiled egg, cucumber, and tomato. Second he takes a supplement called Endorphinate and it helps release stress fighting chemicals in our brain. Third, he uses Chyawanprash as a snack to help build his immune system. Finally, he uses breathing exercises called Ujjayi Breath and it is nick named “Darth Vader” breath. He says he also loves a good laugh and laughter will always help lower our stress levels.

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  1. santosh kumar

    Want body grow supliment

  2. santosh kumar

    Want body grow supliment

  3. santosh kumar

    Want body grow supliment

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