November 21, 2012
Deepak in the News

Decoding Deepak: A Son’s Peek Inside a Legend.


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Written by Stacy Schneider for Huffington Post


The documentary film Decoding Deepak, released early October, is a refreshing, insider's look at Deepak Chopra, the international spiritual teacher and prolific author. What makes the film fresh is that his son, Gotham Chopra, made it without any inhibitions about portraying his iconic dad in the most honest light possible. Decoding Deepak is the story of a unique man with a brilliant mind and enormous empire, who in many ways, is just like everyone else.


The modern documentary, well-received at the Hamptons Film Festival, paints a compelling portrait of the guru revered for his lessons on achieving inner-peace and mind-body wellness, and for being a friend of Oprah. The son lets you inside the minutia of Deepak's daily life, and it is through this exploration of the mundane that we get to learn who the man is behind the legend. Gotham narrates with irony, offering unbridled commentary on his father's behaviors, lime light addiction and inter-familial relationships. The result is humorous and endearing. Even a mundane trip to Starbucks by the man whose books have sold upwards of 20 million copies, is an interesting view through the looking glass of one of the world's most admired people.

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  1. ShondaNorrish

    Reading that review was another reminder of why I can`t wait to watch Decoding Deepak

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    I am thankful for all of your continued love and support, and for your dedication to creating positive change and success in your life. It's because of YOU that I continue to be motivated, challenged, and am constantly searching for ways to make all of our lives happier and more successful. Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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