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  1. coco003

    I am listening to another audio book by Deepak Chopra. THis one is "God". I listen to his other works and the one with Marianne and Diane. I just moved/drove to Carlsbad from Valdosta Ga via Miami . Yes it was a very long drive by myself. The audio books really help. I did not know The Chopra Center was here. I was just agast when I went to La Costa to wander around and see how beautiful it is. I do not have a clue what I am doing here but am looking everyday for employment. I am a stones throw from the property and keep thinking I am supposed to be working there everyday meeting and greeting, feeling the nurturing environment. How could I end up here when I know absolutely no one. So I applied to them just for the front desk and see what happens from there. I am looking for peace and light and love and being in and around it can help right??? I look forward to more audio books I have on my Ipod. Peace and love.

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