August 15, 2013

Your Own Reality.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Behind the cliche that you create your own reality there is a shadow: if you don't create your own reality, it will be created for you.

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  1. Avinash

    We come with a destiny fixed as we with a free will to make our own choices to reach to our final destiny :-)

  2. Healing Places & Spaces

    I don`t see how he is blocking anyone as this cannot be done without a persons consent. I do find Deepak Chopra to be compassionate & enlightened but, as with all things in life, each of us must take from his teachings only what resonates with us as an individual and apply it to our lives as we all walk different paths.

  3. Shadow Knows

    Isn`t it, shadow and self, one reality? Except if someone outside of you manipulates it? That`s is far worse. It`s a life impossible to live with.

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