August 23, 2023
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Can practicing Yoga Nidra affect my sleep?.


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Dear Deepak – I recently started doing Yoga Nidra – which has been a wonderful experience for me. Most recently though I have found that I think I am sleeping yet very aware of my thoughts and situations – I’m not even sure I am sleeping. Is there any explanation for this – does it happen to others? It’s been happening ever since I started Yoga Nidra – is this common? Thank you.



Yoga Nidra is a yogic practice that supports the maintenance of inner awareness into sleep and dream states of consciousness. Your awareness of thoughts and situations while asleep could be a transitional experience as you move into Yoga Nidra. The mind may be shifting into sleep with some self-awareness, while the conscious mind with its thoughts is still clinging on a little. This is because self-awareness has been so closely associated with waking consciousness thus far. During this period when the mind is getting familiar with this new mode of self-awareness, it is normal to wonder if you are really sleeping or not. You will have a better gauge of the quality of your sleep by how rested you feel the next day. If you feel wrung out and groggy, then you know your conscious mind was not letting go much and you were not getting enough deep cycle sleep. If you feel fresh and rested with fewer hours of sleep, then your practice is progressing well.



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