December 29, 2013

Yoga as Business.


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Dear Deepak, I just found out that a new yoga studio near me is charging 60 dollars per person for a yoga class. It is very expensive! Is this yoga or plain business? How can we balance yoga and business without corrupting the true essence of yoga? Shouldn't yoga develop awareness, unity? It seems that only rich people can afford a yoga class.


True yoga is the spiritual realization of the union of our individual self or atman with the universal existence or Brahman. Yoga āsanas are traditionally only intended as initial preparatory physical support for the inner spiritual transformation. The development of unity consciousness does not require you to take a class in yoga āsanas. If you do want to learn āsanas, there are inexpensive alternatives at the YMCA or community college near you. But if you are serious about actualizing a higher state of consciousness, it will require a deep level of spiritual investment and commitment from your side.


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  1. dan

    enlightenment does just happen, and when it does, you do not stay there if you do not understand it. some people think they are going through a mental breakdown sometimes, it is a massive change for some people. people are only trying to spread what they have found instead of trying to leave it to one man like Buddha, we only want everyone to be in this feeling so that the world can see the benefits, and yeah people still have to pay bills. you can not buy love but you can pay someone to teach how to give it. we are just helping people. so that one day we do not need money, but until then money is something we give for someone else s time.if sothing is to much money spend your own time learning as i did

  2. nancybeezhao

    "Enlightenment For Sale" I have been dismayed in our capitalist/marketplace that everything is for sale. People try to sell love, and happiness, and self esteem but it is an illusion. Enlightenment just happens. If you are paying for it then you are throwing your money away. Buddha did not buy enlightenment . But it is not exactly free either…… It requires your commitment and attention and patience. This seems to be to high a price. Most people would rather give money than their energy.

  3. God`s Metaphor

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