January 10, 2012



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 Deepak, how can we not worry about the ones we love? This time of year is rich in family and friends gatherings and though there are many happy moments, i cannot help but worrying about health, relationships or financial issues being dealt with by sister, mother, father in law and more. Worrying about it does not resolve anything but i cannot help it. Any suggestions?


When you worry about grown adults that you have already done all you can to help, then even though you love them, you are also assuming that there is something wrong with their life plan. When you worry under these circumstances there is an inherent distrust in the cosmic intelligence of the universe to bring your loved ones exactly what they need at the exact right time. Worry implies that if anything unpleasant or difficult happens to your father-in-law, then that must be bad and a sign that something is wrong. In fact, often the greatest joys, breakthroughs and strengths come from dealing with life’s challenges as they arise.
So the next time you start to worry, look at what you are presuming about their lives—that you know better than their own higher selves what life experiences they need now. That is true for a parent of a young child, but that is not your situation. Even if you can’t trust that their lives are guided by a higher intelligence than yours, at least recognize that you don’t really know what life experiences are best for their spiritual evolution, and so there is no point in worrying that the wrong ones might happen. Know that your love is a guaranteed good in their life, so send them lots of love instead of worry.

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  1. ac918@aol.com

    You are right. I have a problem with worrying about my loved ones and your words have helped me a great deal. I will read this over and over again until I can truly practice the words in my life. Thank you.

  2. Susan

    perfect. thank you for saying this exactly as you did.

  3. MamaDIGS

    right on

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