January 18, 2023
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Hi Deepak, I began seriously practicing meditation for almost a few yeasr now and use the 21-Day meditation experiences with you and Oprah as guides. I also read a lot of spiritual books. I have seen a lot of progress in my thinking. I continue to strengthen my faith and practice positive laws of attraction. However, one of my biggest issues is overcoming worry. Meaning, I release issues, especially after meditation, I feel I’ve surrendered them, but as the day goes on, I pick them right back up from “the altar” after I’ve laid them there. It seems a bit obsessive sometimes. What tips can you give to learn to release worrying about challenges permanently? I’ve done things like stress over job security, my relationship with my significant other, and finances. Whatever the immediate issue for that moment is, I will obsess over it, meditate and feel better momentarily. Then as a few hours go by, I start worrying about it again. I then try to practice positive affirmations, deep breathing, yet the sick and stressful feelings return. I don’t have the luxury to stay in a meditative state 24 hours each day. How can I mature in my spiritual growth and faith-this is something I have battled my entire life? I hope to hear from you soon.


Worrying is mental energy spent on trying to control situations that are in part out of your control. Learning to control your worrying, obsessive thoughts is about letting go of the need to be in control. That comes from trusting your life flow or dharma to guide you, instead of depending on the limited energy and intelligence of the ego. Think of the times when events turned out fine in spite of all your worrying. Learn to trust yourself, trust your life and find a deeper level of security within than your obsessive mind will ever be able to offer you. That is the sense of calm and assurance that you are cultivating in meditation. As you remind yourself during the day that this inner strength, security, and intelligence is more dependable than your ego mind. Take constructive action on the things that are within your power and understanding, and then trust that your higher self will be there to help you navigate through all the unknowns with ease and calm.



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