March 2, 2021
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Work Friend.


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Dr Chopra, I am a married woman with a 5 year old child in early 30’s. I happened to travel for work recently and worked with a man who I started admiring for his professional ability. We always met in a group setting, so we never got a chance to talk alone. Over the two weeks, I realized by his behaviour that he liked me. I was confused and felt guilty about my feelings of admiration and respect for him. I did not want to lead him on, so I avoided eye contact with him for the next few days and did not bid any formal goodbye when I left. I am back home, but I am unable to forget him. I constantly keep thinking about him. I am unable to find any happiness when spending time with my family. I feel heartbroken and sad. I have shared these feelings with my husband. Would it be wrong to extend friendship to the person? I appreciate your advice.


I’m not sure you have come to terms with your feelings for this man.  It’s not a typical reaction to feel heartbroken because you didn’t say goodbye to a man you only admire professionally. If he has romantic intentions toward you as you believe, then if you offer friendship to him after being rebuffed will most likely think you are also romantically interested in him as well.  If he is sexually attracted to you, then he probably isn’t interested in being friends with you right now.



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