April 3, 2020
Ask Deepak

Work and Fulfillment.


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I have recently began my working career, and I am struggling with the long working days that seem to bring me very little fulfillment and happiness. Throughout the working day I often feel empty and most days this feeling comes home with me. I have committed myself to a take on journey to spiritual enlightenment, but find it hard to stay on track while I am at work. I have found that my long days at my desk job often drain the spiritual progress I have made out of me. I know that I will soon make a large life change and leave this job, but until I can do that, what are some exercises I can practice while at work to make my day feel more fulfilling?


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by ‘staying on track’ at work.  The spirituality you express at work is not the same as your meditation practice you do before and after work. Let the fulfillment of work be what it is, a means to earn a living while you make a contribution of kindness and helpfulness to others, and let you spiritual fulfillment come through your inner experience of meditation.



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