March 8, 2021
Ask Deepak

Witnessing Oneself.


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Hi Deepak. Recently during meditation I had an experience in which I observed myself as a younger “me” – about 6 years old. I was watching the familiar people (at their relatively current ages), and then turned to see me, sitting at the table, eating quietly, and knowing that I was in the presence of these (family) adults, talking about mundane things. I’ve never witnessed myself as myself before (or actually “seen” me) in any meditation or dream, so I thought it was kind of great. And I looked exactly the same as I did then – there wasn’t one thing that wasn’t quite me in that scenario. So, my question is – what happened? And how can I get back to that place as the observer just observing? Thank you.


The phenomenon of silent pure consciousness witnessing active modes of consciousness is a very subtle experience. It’s like the presence of peaceful awareness illuminating the activity of the mind. What you experienced, I would describe as a kind of objectified vision of your younger self. It has certain similar flavors as witnessing, but it seems to me to be one active level of the mind watching the contents of another active area of the mind. But if you continue with meditation, the silent witness will become stronger and you will begin to notice its presence more and more.



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