November 17, 2020
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Witness Awareness.


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Hi Deepak, My question has to do with awareness. If you come to a point when you realize that you are the witness to everything, what steps need to be taken to become self realized, like that you know it in your head but not yet in the heart? How do you keep moving up in awareness so that you realize in your mind that you are not the mind you are God. I know I didn’t explain very well : ( Thank you and thank you for all you do.


When you realize you are that silent witness, and that awareness is permanent, then you have attained the basic state of enlightenment or self-realization. You have realized that your true self is that unchanging, nonlocal pure consciousness. Taking that state of consciousness to the next level, what you are calling the heart, requires that senses of perception become more refined so that deeper appreciation of the objects of perception grows. As appreciation grows, a recognition of beauty in others and in nature is seen. With that comes gratitude, kindness and love. The development of these heart qualities establishes a state of self-realization that connects you with all life on a more emotional level than the earlier state of enlightenment.



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