April 19, 2017



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Can you tell me about willpower? Ever since my childhood, I have been criticised because of my lack of willpower. My resolutions are never completed. I just feel no motivation whatsoever whenever I make resolutions. At first there is a lot of enthusiasm but then it just fizzles out soon. Both my parents say that I have a lot of potential but I am hampered by my own lack of willpower. I have tried every possible way to feel that drive of ambition but I still don’t feel it.
I am termed lazy and hopeless, and my life is termed wasted. Hence, I feel rather depressed and weighed down by my parents’ expectations (of course, I’m not blaming them). I’ve even cried a fair few times. Please tell me, am I just lazy? Am I weak willed? Please tell me a way to make my resolutions come true, to improve my willpower. I have totally lost confidence in myself. I feel that I have achieved nothing in my life and hence I feel the constant worry that I shall just waste my life and do no deed worth remembering. Please do help me Deepak!!! (just so that you know, I am a  high-school student hence my goals and aspirations are mainly academic in nature.)


Thank heavens you mentioned your age. I don’t think you need to feel too bad that you haven’t accomplished anything yet in your life.  My guess is that you don’t show a lot of willpower yet, because you don’t know yet what is really important to you. You haven’t yet discovered what your life passions are. You are not hopeless; your life has barely begun.

When you know what really matters to you, what you truly care about, then you will invest your attention and energy into that. You don’t need an abstract fund of willpower to get through life, just clarity on what is important for you and then taking actions to follow that direction. For your studies, I would encourage you to find that thirst for knowledge in your soul and follow that desire for knowledge in all of your school subjects. If you don’t feel academically ambitious, that’s okay, you may not be that kind of a personality, but if you find that thread of curiosity and interest in school, then you can still do very well academically and use that education to help you discover your deeper interests.



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