March 6, 2024
Ask Deepak

Why is it sometimes hard to come out of meditation?.


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“When I meditate, especially with a guided meditation that deepens the experience, I often go into a trance-like state that feels sleepy. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to feel awake again for some time. 

What can help to create balance between deeper calmer states of consciousness and the alertness that is needed to function in the work world?”


The deep sleepy state that you sometimes have in meditation is perfectly fine. 

Your mind/body is getting exactly the experience it needs at that time. 

If you need to take a little longer to come out of meditation so that you feel ready for activity, then take an extra minute or two. 

It just means that the release process is still finishing up. 

If you have the opportunity and time, lie down for 5 minutes at the end of meditation to let it fully release.



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