September 7, 2023
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Why are good friends hard to find?.


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Hi Deepak, I am a 23-year-old college student.

I have always been into personal development and am currently learning to become self-accepting, self-loving and re-frame my thoughts to be positive.

All this is well and good, HOWEVER, I have always struggled to find good, true friends and have grown up feeling like I don’t belong anywhere in a sense.

I know that you cannot be happy if you’re not happy on the inside and I have worked on this, but I also know that as social beings, we need healthy human relationships that are flourishing and satisfying. I realize this, particularly when I feel lonely (but I enjoy my own company).

My question is, how can I be happy when my outer world does not reflect my positive inner work?

I am trying to feel abundant in the present moment but there are several instances in my social life that remind me of my alienation or unhappiness with relationships.

Much love and gratitude.



You can be happy and content in yourself, even if you are by yourself, or even if your surroundings are not altogether pleasant.

Sometimes happiness is experienced as self-contained, and sometimes it is expressed in our environment or with others.

If you want friendships, it’s true that you have to develop your inner self-awareness and happiness, but that is not enough.

Friendship, like any relationship, is based on giving of yourself so that others give of themselves to you. All relationships depend on this reciprocity.

You’ve done the prerequisite, which is to have something valuable and loving inside of you to give. Now you only need to open up and share it.

That can be a little scary since there is no guarantee that the one you want to return your affection or friendship will, but it establishes that flow of energy, and the universe will find a way to respond to your friendliness with friendliness.




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