August 31, 2014

White Light in Meditation.


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Dear Deepak,
During the Expanding Your Happiness meditation, I experienced white light travel around my body and enter my abdomen. This is the second time I have experienced this during a meditative state. It was a peaceful experience. This time it was a smaller light and not as bright as the first time. What does this mean? What does the light represent? Is energy flowing back into me when the light enters my body?
Thank you


The peaceful experience of light is a positive experience, but it does not necessarily have any significant meaning. The best approach is to simply treat it as another thought in meditation and easily return back to the mantra.


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  1. Jaya Tahiliani

    Really, this light remains with us in our Kriya ?

  2. Jalej Heravi

    احترامم را بخاتلاشهایتان بپذیرید.

  3. Anne Marie Collins

    This is a cleansing and clearing and centering vibration for you. This allows the connection with the sacred and the physical to be in balance. It definetly means something. It does not matter who your teacher or guru is you must go with the feeling you have around the experience. Blessings

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