October 12, 2022
Ask Deepak

White Lies.


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I often use white lies to either get out of a sticky situation, avoid a topic or even involuntarily on some occasions. While I don’t necessarily feel guilty each time I do this, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something ‘wrong.’  I haven’t given this much thought until recently and just needed to know if the concept of right and wrong is relative or absolute. Thanks for the help.


White lies are generally seen as less than completely candid statements you make to spare someone’s feelings. Like answering that the dessert your young niece made tasted great, even if it didn’t, because you knew how much effort she put into it and it would hurt her feelings if you said it wasn’t good. Kindness matters more here than a straightforward response.

What you are describing sound more like strategic lies to avoid criticism, or make you look better than it appears. It’s not a simple question of right or wrong. By making up stories to make yourself look better, you are eroding your innate connection to shared reality, and that will inevitably end badly for you. Ask yourself what you are afraid of if you tell the truth. Dealing with that outcome is much better for you than what happens to you when make up a story to deny the fear. Because the fear only gets bigger and bigger, and then so do the stories.



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