December 22, 2023
Ask Deepak

Where do negative thoughts come from?.


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“Where do negative thoughts come from?”


I assume you mean recurring, intrusive, persistent, negative thoughts. 

They arise from the unconscious thought patterns established by our past thinking habits. 

You can’t change them by trying to push them away or with willpower. 

When you consciously notice a thought, it has arisen to the surface level of the mind, like a bubble that has come up from the bottom of the lake to the surface. 

To change the thought patterns that give rise to negative thoughts, you must go beyond the surface level of the mind to pure consciousness, the source of thought, your true Self. 

When you meditate, you experience this source of thought as your Being. 

Over time, this experience of the source of thought dissolves those deep impressions and frees the mind from negative thoughts.



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