August 7, 2012

What is The I Factor.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

by Paul N. Weinberg and Dr. Susan A. Dyer

Emotional intimacy is an age-old concept that is under assault and facing all sorts of modern challenges.

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What is the I factor

Not a day goes by that we don’t read an article about how social media and interrupt overload are having a detrimental effect on our personal relationships, rewiring our brains to look like those of cocaine addicts. Meanwhile, despite living in an age of unprecedented 24/7 connection, in which Facebook, email, text messaging and other forms of electronic communication have us instantly connected to anyone and everyone around us, many of us are also experiencing a profound and pervasive sense of isolation and disconnectedness. We skate along the surface of our relationships, having swapped quantity for quality and frequency for depth.

Connection in the age of social media is even more challenging when electronic communication – including not only emails and texts but also posts, comments, likes and impromptu online chats – seduce us into believing that we are connecting more deeply than we really are. While these forms of communication certainly broaden our opportunities to connect, they can also crowd out the more human, meaningful and multi-dimensional ways of interacting, and even create the illusion of intimacy when in fact we are still emotionally disconnected.

The I Factor is our new book that gets back to basics on what’s been missing from our personal relationships all along. Specifically, the book is about intimacy, a fresh take on a very old subject and a new way of looking at a forgotten idea. Because old-fashioned intimacy is really just the deeper level of connection that most of us talk about wanting in our personal relationships, but struggle to find in our modern-day lives.

This entertaining and uniquely approachable book focuses exclusively on intimacy and our universal need for connection with a collection of concise insights that are well-suited for today’s fast-paced lifestyle – a book for the wired world of Twitter, sound bites, and short attention spans. It breaks a complex topic into straightforward, two-page “chapters,” each of which encapsulates just a single text-message-size insight about intimacy plus an email-size nugget of wisdom about each insight.

Unlike many of the best-selling relationship books over the last twenty years, The I Factor emphasizes the similarities rather than the differences between the sexes. And unlike those books, which consider only sexual relationships between romantic partners, this book addresses all of your adult personal relationships, including those with friends and with family members – and most importantly, the one you have with yourself.

Clear and direct, with a bit of humor and a “back-to-basics” approach, The I Factor will increase your awareness of what intimacy is and isn’t, and provide a framework for developing more authentic and meaningful connections so that your close personal relationships can be more loving, harmonious and satisfying. At the same time, it will facilitate your own personal growth and contribute to your overall sense of connectedness, serenity and well-being

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  1. Inarand

    Anyone who has loved a dog, or any creature, already knows all of this. The last thing a society filled with short attention spans needs are more forgettable sound bites about such an important topic. Sorry, but I found this book to be truly a waste of time. Uninspired and unedifying.

  2. eefa

    hi Deepak, i understand where you might be going with this, and why keep personal one on one connection is important for our biology and mental health. however, keeping a connection through a "third" element isnt a new concept, or necessarily unhealthy (if done consciously), i mean people used to write letters in old times, to convey thoughts, feelings, ideas, over long distances. later pen pals were made. only now the technology has changed. regards

  3. Karthikeyan

    The mens of this era are emotionally threatened and it had always been women take the advantage of it. Men have no choice than being. Ignorant of these things which helps them recover easily.

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