June 7, 2024
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What is it like to have a spiritual awakening?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“I have very recently had a kind of spiritual awakening. 

I guess I still don’t know what is happening. 

I am 24 and for the past 12 months have had very strong urges to try and expand my consciousness, meditate, etc.

 I have only had one odd experience while meditating where I felt like I was spinning in a gyroscope. 

I keep asking for guidance and a reply or vision or some sort of communication from someone at a higher frequency like a spirit guide or archangel I guess is who I’m reaching out to. 

But I have had no such luck. 

I am beginning to become discouraged (which will still never stop me from trying) but I feel as though I am blind or deaf spiritually.

I feel lost and there is this unbearable desire or more like a pressure in my chest that is obsessing over this but I just don’t know what to do! 

I need help and I don’t know where to start.

 I come from a small town in Kansas and had never heard of anything like this until I started having these urges. 

Do you know what is happening?”



Your strong urge to expand your consciousness is laudable and the growth of self-awareness is also a natural consequence of human spiritual evolution. 

You said you are meditating, but are not satisfied with your experiences and guidance thus far. 

If you are meditating regularly, you are doing fine. 

What may be causing you frustration is your ideas and expectations of what spiritual growth is supposed to look like. 

You may think that effective meditation is having celestial experiences. 

And you may be imagining that spiritual guidance means you are having visions of angels and receiving messages from spirit guides. 

Real spiritual growth is actually quite simple and ordinary. 

After all, your true self is simply the presence of your silent awareness.

It’s just the “I” in you beneath everything else. 

The expansion of awareness is not a physical or mental experience or feeling. 

Those things may or may not accompany the experience of self-awareness depending on what conditioning or limitations in the mind and body need to be cleared out at the time.  

So continue meditating regularly without expectations or ideas of what you think it is supposed to be like. 

In time your practice leads to the expansion of awareness as inexorably as the sunrise in the morning. 



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