September 14, 2023
Ask Deepak

What does it mean that everything vibrates?.


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“Hi Deepak,  what does it mean that everything vibrates? 

What is vibration and frequency? 

Are they just what physics defines them or different? 

Do emotions have vibrations? Thank you.”



At the most fundamental spiritual level of consideration, vibration is the inherent dynamism of consciousness knowing itself, and that dynamism generates the creative force of the universe that is experienced as a cosmic hum. 

In Sanskrit, the word for vibration is Spanda,–the creative pulse of consciousness. 

This basic frequency that comes from the action of consciousness knowing itself gives rise to all the other frequencies that express the infinite diversity of creation. 

This would include vibrations associated with emotions. 

This analysis of vibration shares similar concepts with physical vibrations or frequencies, but the underlying frequency of consciousness is not measurable by any physical devices. 



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