April 7, 2022
Ask Deepak

Weightlessness in Meditation.


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I’m new to meditation. I’m always aware of my thoughts but sometimes there will be a split second when all that exists is my breathing and the mantra, and I get a sensation of weightlessness, like I’m going to float away. It’s very frightening and I immediately become aware of everything again. Does this normally happen when people meditate?


That experience of suspended awareness and the sensation of weightlessness is a glimpse of your non-local awareness or higher self. That momentary presence of expansion and transcendence is normal and indicates correct meditation. It is nothing to be afraid of. Quite the contrary, it is that real part of you that is beyond fear. It is the ego’s projection of disorientation onto that experience that is the source of the fear, not the experience itself. Now that you know this, your ego’s reaction should no longer frighten you.



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