July 8, 2021
Ask Deepak

We Are All God.


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Dear Deepak What do you mean when you say that we are all God? I have read various Rumi poems about seeking God, becoming a lover of God, prayer and remembrance of God which to me all means that God is outside of me,/you/us (the human beings). I have also often heard the sentence: do not search for God let him find you. Again something outside me. On the other hand, I do intellectually understand – at least I think I do – the spiritual message that there is a treasure within you which is interpreted as God/one’s own divinity. If both of these perceptions are correct then God is within me and everyone (and everywhere). And if this is also correctly understood by me, then I think that what you mean by saying that we are all God is that in order to see the God in everyone else we have to find (or be found) by the God within ourselves ?!. Hope you understand my question.


Rumi fully understood that the divinity of God was inside and was his deepest reality, but he chose the poetic language of a lover and his beloved to explain how individual awareness moves into and merges with that divine reality, because that was how it felt to him. When that inner light dawns, it is obvious that this same divine light exists in everyone.



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